5 Tips to Sell your Business

Selling the business happens to be one of the common exit mechanisms for the owners of the business. In some cases the business may not have worthy successors and would want to convert their assets into instant liquidity. Hereby are the five major tips to sell your business:

1. Be clear about what are you selling

Before you sell the business you need to ascertain the assets of the business and then decide on the course of selling. Determine what are the physical assets you have and what you want to sell. In this regard selling of the assets tends to depend upon the goodwill as well as quality to a considerable extent.

2. Make sure your house is in order

While selling your business see to the fact that things do not slide to a considerable extent. The extra efforts to make things tip top may prove to be advantageous in the long run. Thinking of such a situation where one is going to sell the house will help you to a large extent. Irrespective of the nature of your interests in the business see to it that the records of the business in terms of inventory as well as the premises should be well maintained. In hindsight try and reduce your liabilities as far as possible as well as making the tax payments up to date.


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3. Try and determine what your business is actually worth

Practically speaking, the business will be worth as much money it can fetch you in the market place. There are different methods of valuation ranging from assets based to futuristic approach . If one piece of advice is given to an individual selling a business, it is recommended that they get an evaluation done by a professional. If such a measure is adopted it is accepted with a better frame of mind by the potential buyers and has less legal hassles involved in it.

4. Try and be social

Now is the online boom and specially the age of social networking. With the help of social websites like twitter as well as Facebook try and be in touch with your regular customers. The business website is also an effective medium for attracting prospective buyers.

5. Selling the business at the right time for the right reasons

The difficult part of a business arises when a owner tries to sell it when his health is not sound or there is a downward curve in terms of performance of the business. Do not wait for such a situation and the right time is when one is hearty and healthy and the business is doing well. And what could be the right reasons? Selling a business is like selling a house in a lot of ways.


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