How to Secure a Car Loan as a Student

Any college kid would fall for the idea of owning their first ride while still in college. The idea of driving yourself around college is not only mind blowing but also life changing. With a ride in college, one can easily be noticed which helps a lot when it comes to fitting in. It is with what is at stake that most college students go to extreme extents to acquire their dream rides.

How exactly is this possible?

Securing a student’s car loan is the answer. People often wonder how it is possible for a college student to seek a car loan knowing very well that they do not have much credit history. Regardless of this, these young drivers often secure good loans with favourable interest rates even if it is their first time car loan.

One of the best ways for college students to do this is by ensuring that they use a co-signer when trying to secure a student’s car loan. We have determined that for a college student new car finance may prove hard to meet. However, with the option of securing a car loan through a co-signer, everything has been made to look easy.


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A co-signer can be a member of your family who has had excellent previous credit scores. This person will be the one with the responsibility of guaranteeing the loan in an event of non-payment. In most cases, parents assume the role of a co-signer. It helps secure good credits for the transaction.

Steps involved when trying to secure a student car loan

Before a college student can secure a car loan, they need to be aware of these few steps;

  • Make an inquiry about the parameters of the deal – Take time to understand what you are actually buying. It helps in many ways among them being whether you want to buy a new or used car. You also need to determine the gas efficiency. All these parameters will help you know the amount needed for the car loan.
  • Identify specialized car loan lenders – Considering the fact that not all lending institutions are capable of offering students this product, take it upon you to locate banks or any other lending institution that does lend to students. Begin by researching student car loans provided by car manufactures. Besides that, approach banks about the same issue.
  • Find good interest rates – For lenders, they usually want to capitalize on the risk factor associated with student car loan. Since they understand that some of these students lack credit score history, they’ll often want to charge high interest rates for the same. To make sure that you do not fall victim, take your time to identify lenders who are a bit considerable.

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