4 Gadgets and Apps That Might Make Insurance Cheaper for You

Gadgets are our favorite things to talk about, and that”s a good thing, because they often help us reduce costs on the things we don”t really enjoy talking about. One of those things is insurance.

Why don”t we enjoy talking about insurance? Perhaps it”s because it forces us to think of something bad – a car accident, a health problem or, worst of all, death. And that”s why life insurance is the toughest thing to find discounts and information about.

Gadgets are changing this for the better, though. Here”s how.


Though most people use their smartphones primarily to surf their social media accounts, text their friends, or even (gasp!) make a call occasionally, there are solid business and shopping uses of your phone, too.

Life insurance is one of the things you can take a look at from the convenience of your smartphone while you”re on a train or waiting in line, and you can email yourself the links you find with helpful information and comparison sites. And that brings us to our next favorite gadget.


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The beauty of tablets is that they let you fill a need you might not have known you had. For example, let”s say you”re watching television and a life insurance commercial comes on. You wonder a little more about the product and the company, but you don”t care about it enough to go use a desktop computer or even your bulky laptop. But if your tablet is right there. It”s a fast and easy way to look up the company, as well as competing providers and products.

Diet and exercise apps

Diet and exercise apps can”t actually reduce the premiums themselves, but they”ll absolutely help you make the health changes necessary in your life to earn a lower premium from your life insurance provider. Millions use fitness apps and show incredible improvements in health.

Bookmarking apps

A cloud-based bookmarking app can make your life easier in a lot of ways, particularly if you use multiple computers or devices. There are great sites that allow you to compare the market of insurance products and providers in your country and region, and you”ll be able to make better decisions when the time comes if you”re armed with this information. With a bookmarking app, you”ll never have to worry about finding that site you saw at work once you get home or vice-versa.


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